• CES JOC Contract Numbers: 16-01N G1113 & R1216
  • CES Modular Contract Numbers: 2014-010 155 024 & 027

Cooperative Educational Service

Modular Solutions, Ltd is pleased to be a vendor partner with CES (Cooperative Educational Services) for the state of New Mexico. By being a procurement partner CES has already don’t your procurement homework to expedite your contracting process.

Modular Solutions, Ltd has a contract for modular building, and for JOC (job order contracting) General Contracting Services. We will gladly meet you anywhere in the State of New Mexico to provide a free consultation and estimate on your construction needs.

Modular Solutions, Ltd is your New Mexico procurement partner for all (8) regions. As a partner for modular construction and the JOC General Contracting services our team will help you with innovative design-build space solutions. Let us explore if modular or traditional construction is the best solution, and help you with value by using the CES contract pricing package.

Available JOC General Contract Services: Anything required for site construction; we provide renovations, remodel, demolition, grading, paving, electrical, fire, life safety, ADA egress, porches, awnings, NEW CONSTRUCTION, roofing, plumbing, painting, landscape and all categories in the Gordian & RS Means Unit Price book. Let us help you develop SPACE SOLUTIONS TODAY!

Available Modular Services Include: New modular building design and construction, used moduler buildings availalbe for purchase, lease and lease to own. Delivery and installation, remodel, renovation, maintenance, repair and relocation.

Contact us today to get started or request a free information brochure to learn more.



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