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  Military Prefabricated Structures

When the military has a space need, there are frequently time challenges that must me be met in order to accomplish the mission.

A prefabricated building makes the most sense for a military application. The key advantage to choosing a prefabricated modular building for a military requirement is the ability to have the structure delivered and ready for occupancy on an immediate basis.

Modular Solutions, Ltd has a GSA (General Services Administration) contract for prefabricated structures. By choosing a building that is constructed in the factory and then shipped to site at 90% completion, the military can benefit by choosing a result-oriented firm to provide the space in a timely and professional manner.

Prefabricated military buildings require certain security features. Modular Solutions, ltd has the experience to ensure the building will comply with the strictest of federal guidelines for national security.

Mobilization and demobilization of prefabricated structures requires a team that specializes in quick response and temporary solutions. Our company offers a lease program for short term solutions and also offers custom design-build programs for a space need that will require accelerated permanent construction.

We have offered space solutions to the military for barracks, military short term housing, military SCIF facilities, flight simulators, MILCON support services, temporary modular dining facilities, temporary modular restroom latrines, temporary modular daycare facilities, prefabricated administrative facilities, modular classroom and training facilities, multi-story prefabricated accelerated permanent buildings, temporary or permanent medical & clinical facilities, modular chapel centers, even multi-purpose recreation centers.

It makes sense for an organization as large as the US military armed forces to choose prefabricated and modular construction to adapt and flex build to meet the ever changing needs of the civilian support and military forces.

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