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  What is a Slab-on-Grade Modular Building?

Modular buildings and prefabricated building technology have evolved over the years to meet the expectations of clients across the Nation.

While traditional factory built structures are still available and commonly found across the Nation, there is a new type of factory built structure that is indiscernible from any traditional site built structure.

Slab on grade modular buildings are fabricated in a plant, with no floor, and then transported onto a site and welded to a traditional concrete slab. The benefits of a slab on grade modular structure are innumerable.

  • Multi-story facilities are commonly designed for slab on grade modular construction.

  • Higher ceiling heights can be accomplished for churches, multi-purpose rooms.

  • Slab on grade modular buildings are permanent in every aspect for building permits.

  • Slab on grade modular buildings offer simultaneous site construction and factory fabrication. The occupancy time lines are almost as quick as the traditional factory built structures.

  • Concrete slab floors.

  • A variety of uses can be incorporated into the same structure, without having to build a “modular” and a site built adjacent building.

  • Slab on grade modular buildings qualify for long-term financing.

  • Slab on grade modular buildings can be designed to blend into any existing community.

  • Slab on grade modular buildings tend to incorporate higher end architectural finishes into the final building specifications.

  • Slab on grade modular buildings offer varied structural options.

When you choose this type of permanent modular construction, you want to choose a company with experience. Modular Solutions, Ltd has been in business since 1996 and has a team of highly qualified sales, operations, and administrative staff readily available to offer assistance throughout your slab-on-grade factory-built structure experience..

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