Adding a mansard to your new modular building is a great way to enhance the profile and break up the “boxy” modular traditional appearance.  If you are not familiar with construction technology a mansard is an additional slope on all four sides of the building to add an interesting dimensional architectural element.   The mansard can be made from a variety of materials.   The most common in the modular industry is steel, but we have utilized shingles, concrete tiles,stucco,cedar, and other materials to accomplish a visual impact.

Mansard Adds Appeal

Steel Mansard For Modular

Some companies in the modular industry call out a “designer mansard”.  This type of mansard is flat and only adds a small 4″ overhang around the roof line.  It is usually made from wood siding or metal.  A real mansard will have  give you a nice 12″ or larger overhang, and can also include a parapet to raise the height of the roof.  Decorative scuppers & downspouts are additionally added to ensure proper drainage from the roof line.

copper mansard on modular building

copper mansard sales modular building, temporary sales office

A mansard detail is used when a client does not want a “box” for a modular building.  The shape of the angle will vary depending on the desired result.

Ask our team about how to add a mansard to your modular building.

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