Modular Church Design

Modular church design is the same as traditional construction. There is no reason to sacrifice design quality when considering adding a modular church building to your existing church campus.   Let our architectural preconstruction team help you consider the design criteria, and then help you value engineer the best solution to fulfill all your construction wants and needs.

As you can see by looking at this project pictured above, when looking at a modular church design the options are limitless.  We have blended our factory built buildings in with most every architectural style.  Our clients have requested southwest, modern, classical, victorian, greek revivalist, traditional, minimalist, and many more styles, all constructed using off-site modular construction and design methods.

If you are just adding some classrooms structures the local jurisdiction will frequently mandate the addition must match the existing architectural style of the church and of the surrounding community.  Local planning departments will ask for elevations and color selections during the modular church design phase, so that they can ensure a good neighbor policy and show that the addition will enhance the community.

Modular Solutions, Ltd also offers MPANEL © and steel building construction for buildings that require a concrete slab and higher ceiling profiles.  Many of our modular building clients are able to enjoy the melding of traditional and modular construction for the best schedule and value.   We have a great video on our youtube channel that illustrates a variety of modular building uses, and design elements.  Contact us for more information on your new campus or for an addition to your existing campus.