Modular Solutions for educational clients.  Our design-build team at Modular Solutions has facilitated Millions of square ft for educational clients.

What makes educational facilities different?

modular campus

modular school

Educational facilities are responsible for the life safety of sometimes several thousand children on one campus.  Larger districts and charter schools have a very extensive construction check list to follow for the design and construction standards of  their campuses.   Our design build team works in concert with facilities and OM team managers , and has an extensive knowledge of the life safety requirements, incorporating many of the innovative technology options that are available in the marketplace now. 

Why Modular Solutions for educational clients?

Modular Solutions, Ltd is a collaborative design partner.   When constructing a new school or providing an addition it is important that the owners’ have input and also that they are aware of the impact construction choices make to their schedule, budget, and life cycle of the project.   Our preconstruction team will help our education client, board members, and school owners be aware of the options and discuss possible outcomes for the best value or solution.    Modular Solutions has always provided educational clients with a  list of proven construction methods, materials, sustainable and green options, as well as developing new ideas as innovative technologies reach the marketplace.

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