Phoenix Business Journal recognizes Modular Solutions, Ltd as a leading manufacturer in Phoenix

The March edition of Phoenix Business Journal named Modular Solutions, Ltd as a leading manufacturer in Phoenix.   Modular Solutions, Ltd is a factory direct prefabricated commercial modular building manufacturer.  The goal with any manufacturing plant is to have a reputation for quality, safety, integrity, and to grow your business one referral and one successful project at a time.

Manufacturing commercial modular buildings requires multiple levels of service for clients of Modular Solutions, Ltd.  Our design team is licensed to generate a building that meets state, local, and federal design requirements. Additionally our architectural team brings ideas for constructing a “greener” and more sustainable building with  extended life cycle components.   As the building is being manufactured in our plant, the site work must also be completed.   Each site has unique requirements based on variables such as flood plain, utility development, community aesthetic requirements, public access, and other criteria.  Our site development team tackles the site development requirements and ensures the site will be ready to accept the new modular building when it is ready to be shipped from the factory.

For more information on our complete modular building team contact our sales office or email us for more information.  Phone (800) 441-8577 x 1  or