About Us

Strong & Ethical Core Values

My name is Joe Hart, President and founder of Modular Solutions, Ltd. This company was built around strong and ethical core values. By surrounding myself with a great team that implements a client-centric approach to ensure customer satisfaction, we have successfully grown our company from a small modular dealership established in 1996, to a full service design-build company that has been awarded contracts on a nationwide basis and currently serving satisfied clients in Arizona, California, Utah, Nevada, New Mexico, and the greater southwest.

Our Core Values: Respect, Integrity, Accountability, Safety, Teamwork, Sustainability, Quality & Professionalism.

We look forward to hearing about your project and learning how our team can facilitate your current and future space goals. By providing architectural, general contracting and manufacturing services within one company we offer a unique opportunity to accelerate your construction schedule by months while still ensuring all aspects of quality control on the project. We look forward to sharing more about our; team, experience, qualifications and background.

About Us

At Modular Solutions, Ltd, our mission drives everything we do. We are committed to providing our clients with innovative construction technologies built in an accelerated manner with excellence in site space planning, permitting, remodeling, relocation, and installation. Our “in-house” engineers, architects, and highly-trained on-site installation team can take your vision from preconstruction design and planning to installation and move-in-ready.

Our foundation is built on a team with integrity and extensive experience, consistently prioritizing a safe working environment. Every step of our construction process, from design to completion, is approved by independent inspection teams.

We strongly believe in the importance of reducing our carbon footprint, and that’s why we’re dedicated to incorporating green options into our designs while ensuring the best value for our clients. It is this commitment that sets Modular Solutions, Ltd apart, building long-term relationships with clients that result in repeat and referral business.

Our Modular Building Solutions 

Modular Solutions, Ltd offers a diverse range of modular metallic and nonmetallic transportable buildings that combine design, functionality and sustainability. These structures, offered in a several high-quality materials and floor plans, are a perfect choice for a variety of applications:

  • Single-family and Multi-family IRC Modular homes
  • Office space
  • Portable office building
  • Educational facilities
  • Gymnasium or sporting arena
  • Lunch rooms, Game rooms, or Cafeterias
  • Community center
  • Storage or industrial use
  • Commercial space
  • Construction site accommodations
  • Educational classrooms
  • Educational facilities
  • Modular classrooms
  • Healthcare facility
  • Native American Tribal Modular building
  • Worship center
  • Vacation Homes and Cabins
  • Hospitality suite
  • Small airport hangar

Prefabricated Non-metal Buildings: Our prefabricated non-metal buildings offer speed and sustainability. They are quick to install and eco-friendly, making them a popular choice for businesses and organizations looking for efficient, attractive, and durable spaces. Whether you need offices, classrooms, or other facilities, these buildings are a reliable solution. 

Non-metallic Transportable Buildings: Modular Solutions, Ltd offers a diverse range of non-metallic transportable buildings that combine functionality and sustainability. These structures are a perfect choice for a variety of applications, whether you need additional office space, storage solutions, or educational facilities. Our non-metallic transportable buildings are designed with a focus on quality and environmental responsibility.

Portable Non-metal Buildings: When you need flexible and mobile building solutions, our portable non-metal buildings are the answer. These structures are ideal for temporary offices, construction site accommodations, or classrooms. They are constructed with precision and can be tailored to your specific needs, ensuring efficiency and mobility.

Transportable Buildings of Timber: For those who appreciate the timeless beauty of timber construction, our transportable timber buildings are an excellent option. These buildings combine the warmth of wood with the convenience of modular construction, making them suitable for a wide range of applications. 

Leasing of Portable Metal and Non-metal Buildings

Modular Solutions, Ltd offers flexible leasing options for both portable metal and non-metal buildings, catering to a wide range of applications. Whether you require additional space for schools, daycares, offices, cafeterias, healthcare centers, or residential homes, our leasing solutions are tailored to meet your specific needs. These structures are designed with durability and functionality in mind, ensuring they provide the high quality comfort and efficiency required for various purposes. With our leasing options, you can access high-quality, ready-to-use buildings that are cost-effective and customizable, making them an ideal choice for your space requirements.

Leasing of Portable Modular Metal and Non-metal Structures

When it comes to leasing, Modular Solutions, Ltd offers a comprehensive range of options for both modular metal and non-metal structures. These versatile buildings are well-suited for schools, daycares, offices, cafeterias, healthcare centers, and residential homes. Our leasing solutions are designed to provide a balance between adaptability and durability, ensuring you have access to efficient and cost-effective spaces. Whether you need temporary educational facilities, office spaces, or healthcare centers, our modular structures can be customized to fit your unique requirements, providing the flexibility you need for your project.

Modular Solutions, Ltd is your trusted partner for innovative construction solutions, rooted in excellence, sustainability, and adaptability. Explore our diverse range of products and services to discover how we can assist you in achieving your space-related goals.

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