• Modular Contract #:          PCA OD-330-20 Modular
  • JOC Contract #:

Purchasing Cooperative of America

Modular Solutions, Ltd is pleased to be a vendor partner with Purchasing Cooperative of America, (PCA).

PCA is a national purchasing cooperative that offers time and money savings to any eligible entity that wants to become a FREE member. Start saving money in three easy steps:

  1. Choose Modular Solutions, Ltd as your procurement partner
  2. Join PCA FREE membership, fill in the interlocal contract and return to Modular Solutions, Ltd
  3. Issue the purchase order for the agreed upon scope, and dollar value

Eligible Entities Include: Public, Private and Charter Schools; Cities/Municipalities; Counties; States; Federal and Other Agencies; State and Private Colleges and Universities; Non-Profit Organizations; Religious and Charitable Organizations.

General Contracting Job Order Contracting

Job Order Contracting (JOC) task order contracts have been successfully used by thousands of agencies as a great resource to save time and money on agency construction projects.  Our contract number is PCA-OD-325-20.

Advantages of JOC contracting:

  • Competitive price survey already completed by PCA including local, state, and federal terms and conditions
  • PCA JOC award based on multiple factors; past performance, team qualifications, team capability, team experience, and competitive price survey
  • It has been proven that JOC contracts save months of time when compared to traditional design-bid-build methodology
  • New construction, renovation, remodel, and facilities maintenance can all be included in our proposal to your agency
  • If you need immediate response due to emergency or equipment failure JOC contracts are a great resource

 Contact us today to get started or request a free information brochure to learn more.

Modular & Prefabricated Building Contract

Modular Solutions, Ltd is pleased to hold a contract with PCA for modular and prefabricated buildings. Our contract Number is PCA OD-330-20 Modular. By choosing PCA cooperative contracting for your new modular building, you will save both time and money. No modular project is too small or too large. Our design-build team has provided everything from a small guard shack to a 46,000 square ft high school campus. For direct contract information and a free estimate, email us at information@mod-sol.com or call us at (800) 441-8577 x 1


Case Studies 

Case Studies