CES Contract Holder:
Modular Bldg: #19-22N-C111-ALL

Steel Bldg: #19-22N-C121-ALL

JOC: 16-01N-G113/R1216

  • Contract Holder Since: 2000
  • Core Business: Prefabricated Buildings, Site Work, Ancillary Structures

Cooperative Educational Services (CES)

Modular Solutions has been proud to be a vendor partner with CES since 2005.   Our team is licensed as a general contractor (GB-98), An architectural design team, and also is licensed to manufacture prefabricated (modular) buildings.  Let us help you in the preconstruction phase with budgets, design, and construction solutions.

Our team is well educated in the field, and at the university. They hold degrees in business management, N.C.A.R.B. Architecture, CAD drafting, RS Means cost estimating, Construction Management , Project Management,  OSHA 30 certification, Design-build self certification, and lean manufacturing.

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