Time & Cost Savings

Modular construction allows for building construction off site allowing for a time savings at the end of the project.

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What is a Modular Building?
Modular buildings are sectional prefabricated buildings that are manufactured in a plant, and delivered to the customer in one or more complete modular sections.
What are some uses for Modular Buildings?

Modular Buildings are used for space in almost every industry. Our modular buildings have been used for churches, schools, retail, industrial, military, medical , scientific/lab, secured data and equipment enclosures and more.

What are the benefits of Modular Buildings?

Modular construction offers many benefits and solutions. The key advantage is accelerating your construction schedule by months. Modular construction also offers a safer construction workplace. By having a modular building delivered up to 90% complete, there are less sub contractors on site, and less construction traffic, resulting in a safer work zone, and less chance for accidents.  Neighbors and community members also prefer prefabricated construction with the added benefit of less on site noise, debris, and site pollution. Prefabricated construction reduces the carbon footprint of any construction site; reduce , recycle, reuse. 

Do Modular Buildings require a permit?

Any modular building that is used for commercial or residential use, that will be occupied will require a permit. The type of permit, and steps required should be explained by an industry professional. Ask our team about the requirements for your local area. 

Can Modular Buildings be custom designed?

The short answer is a resounding, YES! While there are a very few limitations to the size of individual modules, the design inside and out can work from the only limitation is “the budget” thought process.

What states do we service?

We primarily focus on projects in Arizona & New Mexico, but feel free to contact us to discuss your project no matter the location!