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This company was built around strong, ethical core values.
By surrounding our leadership with a great team that shares the same vision we have successfully grown our company from a small modular dealership established in 1996 to a full service design-build company that has been awarded contracts nationwide.


Accelerated construction

CSI Health Facility
Client: Department of Veterans Affairs
Location: Los Angeles, California

Two-story, mutli-use facility Approximately 30,000 square feet Seismic zone constuction


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IRC Modular Homes

Choosing IRC Modular Homes IRC Modular Homes really are different!  When our clients ask us what is the difference between a mass manufactured HUD home and our IRC custom modular homes, the short answer is the structural design.   Once a home is constructed you do not...

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Modular Solutions For Religious Organizations

Modular Solutions Helps Religious Organizations Grow When churches and other religious non-profit organizations need to grow they are usually on a very confined budget.   Our team helps provide modular solutions for religious organizations.  Sometimes we provide a...

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Modular Solutions For Federal Projects

Modular Solutions, Ltd has been a GSA federal contractor since 2000.   Modular Solutions, Ltd has a team that develops modular solutions for federal projects.   Most federal agencies have a plan and budget five years in advance, allowing them to plan for growth and...

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