Modular Solutions has been providing high quality projects in the southwest since 1996.  Our team has worked hard to achieve excellence in contracting.  In 2014 Purchasing Cooperative of America (PCA) awarded Modular Solutions a Job Order Contract (JOC) for contracting. In addition, we are also a contract holder for modular and prefabricated buildings.   In 2023 PCA recognized Modular Solutions one of the top contractors and vendor partners for this  national cooperative contract.   














We value our partnership on this nationwide cooperative JOC contract and thank PCA for all their support.  Since 2018 there has been a strong demand for a contractor that is willing and able to travel to any location.  We have built an extensive network of sub contractors in rural areas.  By vetting sub contactors we are able to mobilize quicker.  We ensure they are qualified and capable for the scope of work.  Our team is dedicated to providing excellence in construction and in building relationships as we construct projects.  We are excited to share the message

If you have never used a JOC contract before there are some really great benefits.  A JOC contract allows you to get pricing and scope of work in advance of issuing a purchase order.  A JOC contract also allows you to streamline the contracting process, and to get your work completed much quicker.  By using a unit cost book for pricing the budgets can be built and shared with board members for expedient approval.  Our goal as a JOC contractor is to help you get into your new space and love it!

Modular Solutions is licensed as a general contractor and manufacturer in multiple states, with N.C.A.R.B. architectural capabilities across the USA.  We focus in the southwest, and specialize in new and turnkey projects.

To learn more about cooperative purchasing and purchasing cooperative of America (PCA) stop by the PCA tab on this website