At Modular Solutions safety is our first priority.  June national safety month is just a really great way to be reminded how important safety is to a company.  Modular Solutions is enrolled in safety programs like ISN, OSHA, and construct secure to ensure our team members understand safety first and zero tolerance are the culture at Modular Solutions.

Everyone understands it take a team to watch over each other and keep the plant and work site safe.   Sub contractors that are entering a project site are required to participate in a safety class and read our safety pamphlets.

Small reminders like wearing proper PPE, and overhead crane practices are sample topics we cover in our weekly toolbox talks.  Some other topics we regularly cover are available in our safety pamphlet manual.

Modular Solutions has been selected as the vendor of choice by cooperative agencies due to our diligent safety program.

If you are looking for a safe and amazing place to work contact us on our careers web site page.

Modular Solutions has a safety director that keeps an eye on the sites and in the plant.  A safety officer keeps our EMR scores low and our projects safer.

We thank everyone at team solutions for being constantly mindful of job site hazards, and working smart and safe.