Modular Solutions Vice President Joshua hart was featured in the MBI industry magazine.  Leading Modular Solutions and the industry.  The modular building industry (MBI) has a support organization that shares information about prefabricated and off-site construction.  The magazine for MBI featured Joshua Hart this month as an innovator and leader in the modular industry.

His education and background are in electrical engineering but his passion is for prefabricated buildings.   He had a very successful career after graduation from ASU, with a large engineering firm as a lead project manager.    Joshua felt his roots, and the desire to work with his family a stronger pull, so he come on board with Modular Solutions.

Since joining the team, he has successfully built  interesting   projects  that  clearly  show  his  strengths   as  a leader  in  the  modular  building  and  construction  industry.


Some of the projects include multi-story buildings,  all steel frame construction,  slab on grade modular fabrication where the buildings come out floorless and attach to the concrete slab.


Joshua has a built in support team in his brothers and father    who founded Modular Solutions in 1996.  Modular Solutions is a family owned business that has seen exponential growth since Joshua came on board.

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