Did you know Modular Solutions has used modular buildings as a way to save time and money on your new project.

Frequently in this current economy building budgets do not go as far as projected . What are the options? You can get a smaller building.  You could maybe go with a more basic architectural design.  One thought you may have not have considered, is to explore the option of a used modular building.   Our preconstruction team can discuss these options with you.  This will help you feel that you have made an informed and focused purchasing decision.   There are advantages and disadvantages with purchasing used modular buildings.  Let us help you explore.


  • the used modular building is inventory and can be installed in most cases quicker than new construction
  • the cost of a used modular building us usually less when compared to new construction
  • when you purchase a refurbished upcycle used modular building from our team you can have anything you want included in the cost.  Our team can refresh finishes. We can changed out or upgrade new parts. We can do a complete make over since we are the factory.  New finishes, mechanical units, windows, doors, floorplan are all options that can be priced out.


  • used modular buildings already have all the finishes completed as they are, you can remodel them but at at added expense
  • used modular buildings have already had some use of the life cycle, so you may have some maintenance costs sooner than new construction
  • sometimes you end up “settling” for a close enough floorplan with a used modular building to keep control of the budgets
  • used buildings may not meet your local building codes. Choose your vendor wisely. Select a reputable company such as Modular Solutions that will walk you through the requirements and deliver you a high quality used modular for your specific location.

You can still hire Modular Solutions for all the other requirements of placing a used modular building such as permit and preconstruction services, modular building installation services, general contracting services to prepare the site work and utilities on the project.

Call our preconstruction team at 602-952-9741 to see how we can help you with costing on a new or previously used modular building.  You can also send us an email to get the latest list to information@mod-sol.com