Choosing IRC Modular Homes

IRC Modular Homes really are different!  When our clients ask us what is the difference between a mass manufactured HUD home and our IRC custom modular homes, the short answer is the structural design.   Once a home is constructed you do not see all of the “bones” of the structure.  We encourage all of our clients to come to our factory for a tour during the construction process to see what a difference IRC modular homes offer.   

Another great reason to choose IRC modular homes

IRC modular homes are also 100% custom.  Every client gets to choose the brand, make, model, of fixtures and finishes that make it a “dream-home”.  Choosing IRC modular homes allows you the flexibility to custom order every aspect of your new home.  Commonly HUD manufactured homes purchase bulk quantities of kitchen and restroom fixtures, and finishes to give you limited choices.   The other aspect of custom IRC modular homes is the extended life cycle.   Ask our design experts about the extended life cycle IRC modular homes offer when compared to traditional manufactured homes.   Contact us at  or call us at (800) 441-8577 x 1 (sales)