Modular Solutions, Ltd adds modular correctional facilities “over-the-top”

When constructing modular correctional facilities for an existing prison or jail,  you have to be creative on how to get the building inside the gates.   We are providing some modular correctional facilities in Arizona for the department of corrections and have three separate 20′ high fences to get through.  The easiest solution, crane them in.

Crane Set buildings

Our team will use a large commercial crane over fence # 1, fence # 2, and fence #3 to set the buildings in place safely; with no harm to the inmates and for a quick installation.  To watch a video of a modular building being crane installed view our youtube channel CRANE SET

The security of a detention facility has to be tight, and when you are providing additional space there is no room for error.   Our team will make several field visits to verify the site conditions, and then even perform a practice run to make sure the boom of the crane can reach the desired location.  When it comes to the installation of  modular correctional facilities that are in an existing jail or prison facility choose a team with experience.  The state of Arizona chose Modular Solutions, ltd due to our successful past performance and our solutions driven approach to safety and design.

Modular Solutions can build design-build correctional facilities, temporary holding cells, judicial facilities, multi-bed facilities, at our modular factory in Arizona.  For more information contact our team.

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