Modular CT Scan Facility

Modular CT Imaging

Modular Solutions, ltd constructed a state of the art CT scan facility. The health care industry is ever changing, and highly specialized imaging construction for MRI or CT Scan facilities require an intrinsic knowledge and understanding of the safety and medical construction codes. Working closely with our design and construction partners at H.C.CO. , Modular Solutions manufactured this CT Scan facility for a local hospital in central California. Our partners at H.C.CO facilitate the site work, permits, and medical equipment and our team manufactures the facility in complete compliance. We have a 3rd party inspector that ensures the quality and safety before delivery & on site. This building is not a temporary “trailer” this building is a permanent addition to the hospital facility that will provide services for clients for many years to come.  Let us help you with a design-build MRI or CT Scan facility for your temporary or permanent medical facility needs.