Modular MRI Suite Requires Special Expertise

H.C.CO. is a medical construction specialist that focuses on design build MRI and CT scan imaging facilities.  They work closely with the medical centers to design and construct high end customized facilities that blend in with the existing medical community aesthetics.   Modular Solutions, Ltd recently teamed with H.C.CO. to provide a permanent modular MRI suite facility.   Why Modular?   The client needed to be in the new facility before the end of the year and traditional construction was just not feasible.   We have posted a video case study on our youtube channel so you can have a virtual walk through of the facility.

Special construction includes copper lined walls

Why Build Modular MRI?

  • This Modular MRI suite had to be constructed in a timely manner, and prefabricated made the most sense
  • This modular MRI suite had to match the hospital aesthetics, we constructed a perfect blend using EIFS
  • This modular MRI suite had to meet all of the California codes and regulations for safety & compliance with OSHA and health department regulations, our team has designed & constructed hundreds of these facilities across the US and know the requirements
  • This modular MRI suite had to accommodate the “brand specific” imaging machine, our team has an extensive knowledge of all the imaging machines and how to accommodate the construction design based on the intricacies of each “brand” of imaging system

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