Modular Solutions, Ltd a Phoenix Based General Contracting firm that specializes in design-build projects has been awarded a Nationwide  multi-year cooperative Job Order Contracting (JOC) contract by Purchasing Cooperative of America (PCA)- Our contract number is PCA-OD-325-20.   PCA and Modular Solutions have been working together in a cooperative vendor partnership since 2015.   Watch our website for more exciting details.  This JOC contract offers NEW construction, renovations, remodel, demolition, replacement of equipment, facility maintenance, and design-build task orders.

What is a JOC contract?   JOC is an Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) construction delivery method that allows a large number of projects to be completed through a competitively-awarded contract. This pre-approved bid process enables projects to start faster and creates partnerships between project owners and awarded contractor, resulting in higher quality work and better schedule control.   Modular Solutions utilizes a Unit Price Book to offer  products and services that help define preconstruction management, proposal development, schedule implementation, scope of work clarity, critical path management, and defined responsibility matrix

What is the JOC Process?   While every project will vary the origination process is very similar:

  • Visit the project and collaborate with the owners team to determine options for the best value, and a defined scope of work- meeting critical path scheduling items
  • MSLTD prepares a scope of work detail that may include variable options to determine the best value and solution based on project specific details
  • MSLTD will meet with owners team to review a conceptual estimate, proposal documents, conceptual schedules, including discussions of long lead or critical path schedule items
  • Owner will select the best fit for their application, and issue a contract task order based on the mutually agreed upon project terms and conditions

if you want to learn more about JOC contract #: PCA-OD-325-20  reach out to our preconstruction team:

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