Modular Solutions, Ltd has been a GSA federal contractor since 2000.   Modular Solutions, Ltd has a team that develops modular solutions for federal projects.   Most federal agencies have a plan and budget five years in advance, allowing them to plan for growth and forecast space goals.

DOD modular project


There are other agencies that have to mobilize on an instant when a crisis or emergency situation arises.   At Modular Solutions, Ltd we offer modular building space solutions for both types of clients.

Federal Projects planning

Delivering a temporary or permanent modular solution for federal projects is critical to the success of their mission.   By asking the right questions, and developing a space plan for now, and for the entire project phase,  we are able to facilitate their current and future plans.   Modular Solutions has provided federal project solutions for DOD, ICE, USACE, BIA, NPS, DOI, BLM, Forest Service, Department of Housing, Department of Agriculture, and so many other federal agencies.   Our team has outstanding PPIRS ratings, and evaluations.   Our federal GSA team works closely with the agency, and offers free conceptual planning CONUS.    For more details contact our GSA Modular Solutions federal project team:

Phone (800) 441-8577 x (1) sales   Federal Contract:  GS-07F-0199L