Industrial clients are choosing Modular Solutions, Ltd for all types of special facilities.   Our industrial clients need space for equipment enclosures, school safety zones, ebola pods, secured information and IT facilities, food service and cooler equipment, bullet resistant guard shacks, and more!


Industrial solutions used to only come in a one size fits all “box”.   Now industrial clients are discovering that by choosing Modular Solutions to build their new facility and by purchasing directly from the factory they are seeing great innovations and ways to make space work more efficiently.

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Our team will listen to your special building requirements, and develop solutions that may be brand new innovations or help you build a better “box”.


Innovative modular solutions helping industrial clients

Our clients are able to bring specialized equipment to our factory or have their new space delivered to their facility and finish the final equipping on site.   Call our team today for a free consultation (800) 441-8577 x 1  or email us at    We are looking forward to helping your team be more productive!