At Modular Solutions, ltd we pride ourselves on being a teaching company that helps clients make informed and educated decisions based on the options available, and their priorities.   We also practice what we teach.  We are reducing our carbon footprint as a company wide culture.

Our corporate offices are made from 100% upcycle modular building components.  These previously used modular building sections would have ended up in a landfill if we had not brought them through our factory and upcycled them into like new condition.   We also wanted to reduce our carbon footprint as a company so we are including some features that will help the environment and lower our utility consumption.  Company President,  Mr. Joe Hart says “We can only make a difference in our little circle, but if everyone makes that small difference you will see a change”.


  • LED interior lighting for lower energy consumption
  • HIGHER SEER or more efficient mechanical units, for lower energy consumption and longer life cycle of the mechanical units.
  • Adhesive ground covering to improve dust control
  • All exterior walls are 2 x 6 construction with recycle component insulation package
  • Sola-tubes to allow natural lighting inside without heat increase
  • Carpet Tiles for longer life cycle, and ease of replacement- resulting in only small portions being replaced instead of an entire facility of flooring ending up at the landfill
  • Low and NO VOC paint
  • Timely steel jambs ILO wood jambs for extended life cycle
  • Heavier gauge steel exterior doors, for extended life cycle

So many of the things our company just normally specifies is considered an upgrade or special order with other modular companies and construction companies.

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