We are frequently asked should I lease my new modular building.   There are many determining factors that go into making that decision as an organization or company.

Top 10 Modular Building Lease Benefits:

  1. Lower monthly output: Leases usually allow for lower payments & longer terms than bank loans do;
  2. Money saving: Leases are commonly cheaper than “alternate finance” rates;
  3. Leverage: Leasing leaves normal lines of bank credit undisturbed;
  4. Preserve Ownership: We won’t ask you to give up any ownership or control of your business.  (Funding through angel investors and venture capital investors require stock or % of ownership);
  5. Capital management: Maintain liquidity and working capital for inventory, accounts receivable, other expenses;
  6. Match seasonal cash flows: Leases can provide “skip payments” / “seasonal payments” / “quarterly payments” / etc.;
  7. Tax saving options: You can still get the depreciation and take advantage of Section 179 Depreciation, or expense your lease fees* (whichever benefits you the most!);
  8. Bundle and fund all project expense: 3rd party lease companies can cover freight, installation, extended warranties/maintenance contracts, sales taxes, etc;
  9. R.O.I. rates of 2X to even 9X every month: Leased equipment should pay for itself in the first few days of use each month!;
  10. Get the best equipment solutions: Leasing lets you acquire the “ideal” equipment instead of compromising to avoid “too expensive”.

If you think leasing makes sense on your next project site addition, contact our sales department and look at the options.   (800) 441-8577 x 1 (Sales )  or email our team at information@mod-sol.com