Government agencies and non-profit organizations are now able to take advantage of new regulations in the TCJA.   Governmental agencies and non-profits typically provide a service to society, and therefore qualify for the lower interest rates.  

We work with several lending agencies that can offer finance options up to 30 years on a new modular building, and they can even include the site work fees.  For more details here is a really good white paper on tax exempt financing and some of the benefits.

If you would like to save on the costs of and time delays of establishing a bond fund, this is perhaps a more feasible option with many great benefits.  Government agencies and non-profit organizations have used our modular building solutions for CT Scan/MRI imaging suites, medical clinics, dental clinics, judicial complexes, law enforcement compounds, evidence storage warehouses, educational facilities, temporary swing space, sports and gymnasium facilities, community centers, and more.   Let us offer a design-build proposal for your new modular building space needs. If you would like to save time & money ask about our cooperative purchasing opportunities.

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