Used Modular Building Found New Life Being Repurposed, A Case Study:

A repurposed modular building is the solution: When Gila County needed more county offices and swing space a modular building made the most sense.   Unfortunately the county was struggling to find appropriate funds to accommodate all of the office space they would need.  Modular Solutions, Ltd was able to offer a used modular building that could be repurposed and offer the county huge savings.   A repurposed building does not work for all clients, but in this case study it was the perfect space solution for getting a large, affordable office structure within budget

The used modular building was 20,000 square ft, and was an administration wing for another agency in Arizona.  When their new complex was completed they were able to move out of the modular building and it became a great option for Gila County.   The used modular building was repurposed and given new life by updating the exterior paint, rebuilding the interior layout, replacing some of the old technology with more energy efficient components.

The used modular building had some great bones, and was a very good candidate for our repurpose and upcycle program here at Modular Solutions, Ltd.  To learn more or check out current inventory give us a call at 800-441-8577 x 1 (sales).