Articles like this one LINK only highlight the price increases from vendors that Modular Solutions works through on a daily basis since the pandemic.  Lumber, steel, drywall, fasteners, everything that goes into the modular building construction process are all seeing regular price increases.   Fortunately since Modular Solutions has been in business since 1996, we work closely with our suppliers and vendors, and are always looking for a way to pass on any potential savings to our clients in this inflationary economy.

Here are five great tips to consider as you look into purchasing your new modular building from Modular Solutions.

  1. Consider alternative building materials-Sometimes when you know what you want but that specific material may have just experienced a substantial price increase talk with with your consultant to see if there is an alternative material that can offer the same benefits and value without the material cost increase
  2. Try our cooperative contract savings-If you are an agency or non-profit organization you can take advantage of the cost savings available through cooperative purchasing.  Studies have shown that cooperative procurement saves time and money.   Modular Solutions is a vendor partner with CES (New Mexico), MESC (Arizona), GSA (Federal) and PCA (nationwide JOC).
  3. Look at our used modular buildings-Modular Solutions has an upcycle program where we can take older buildings that have been used in the marketplace and are now ready to be recertified and reconstructed.  This option will usually require a little flexibility as used modular inventory changes quickly, and often needs redesigned to meet your exact space planning goals.  Request a current inventory with this LINK
  4. Talk about your master site plan-If your organization has the potential to grow or is in continuous change a master plan is a great way to think ahead and save lots of time and money on preplanning or forecasting those changes. By not paying out unrecoupable fees on engineering at each phase, a master plan will allow you to determine what areas of growth will need space and discuss options of how to get there.  A master plan also helps you decide how much to grow and plan for future utility requirements and infrastructure.
  5. Be open-As organizations grow they thrive by being flexible and accommodating change. Frequently our clients decide to utilize our other methods of construction available such as steel building systems, slab on grade modular , MPANELS panelized systems, or even traditional build.  Perhaps an outdoor or large open space may be a more cost-effective way to gain space with less materials.  By listening to team members, and hearing multiple options you are often able to find a more creative space solution for your building in these hard economic times.

For more information reach out to our sales consultant via email or call (800) 441-8577 x 1 (sales)