Modular Solutions, Ltd has been a cooperative purchasing since 2000.  We understand that the time it takes to design a modular building, pay a third party company to oversee bid documents and CM a proposal, put the project out to formal bid, put the project out to re-bid or address formal protests are all a very long and drawn out process.    Cooperative contracting helps your agency expedite the delivery and installation process of your new modular building by already having the contract procurement compliance requirements met.   The cooperative agency has done the due diligence to save your agency time and money when compared to a traditional request for proposal process.

We get many questions about cooperative purchasing-this post will cover a few of the FAQ’s we hear from new clients:


  • What is an advantage of Co-op purchasing?   While there are MANY benefits, one of the main ones is the due diligence of finding a vendor such as Modular Solutions has already been done for you.   A typical cooperative will require full vendor information on price, schedule, financial strength, past performance, experience, and team qualifications.  With all this information readily available governmental agencies can make quick and informed purchasing decisions, and expedite delivery time frames, as well as saving costs.
  • What is a cooperative contract?  A cooperative contract is an agreement between a government agency and vendor partners. The contract secures affordable rates and establishes delivery terms on goods and services that many agencies will need.
  • How does cooperative contracting work?  A governmental agency can become a member of the cooperative for free, and then  has access to the many vendor partners that are awarded the cooperative contracts.  Modular Solutions holds cooperative contracts for Job order contracting (JOC), Steel buildings, modular/prefabricated buildings, portable buildings, and all ancillary site work required for those projects.
  • What can I purchase on a cooperative contract?  Cooperative contracts have hundreds of goods and services available.   Once you find the cooperative team that best fits your procurement guidelines, then you can see what vendors are available and what goods and services you need for your organization.
  • How do we find a product or service on the cooperative contract?   Most cooperative organizations have an electronic e-book with a listing of all the vendor partners listed by company name or by the goods or services they offer.  Modular Solutions is listed as a vendor for construction services, steel buildings, modular buildings, prefabricated buildings, and portable buildings.
  • How long does it take to become a member of the cooperative?  In most cases a governmental agency or non-profit can become a member in a matter of minutes.  Most cooperative agencies have an electronic membership format that can be done on line.  Once you fill out the membership form and are accepted you can start purchasing what you need for your agency.
  • Do cooperative organizations have a board?  Each cooperative has the authority to set up their organization within the confines of state and federal guidelines for procurement, and each agency will operate a little differently.   Most cooperative contracts are established by a local or state agency that wants to extend the time and cost savings to other agencies.  The best place to find this answer would be on the website for the cooperative.

Modular Solutions, Ltd has been successfully providing governmental work through cooperative contracts since 2000.  By having an experienced team, strong financial and bonding capacity, competitive pricing structure, accelerated schedule options, and an outstanding record for past performance our team looks forward to another exciting year in 2023!