Modular Solutions, Ltd is committed to teaching our clients .  Modular construction has green technologies available that are more affordable than ever.

If you are looking to build a facility that is durable, with a low carbon footprint modular construction makes the most sense.  What other method of construction allows your facility to be 100% recycle value at the end of its life cycle.   Our team at Modular Solutions is dedicated to helping you make educated and informed buying decisions that will make your new modular building last longer, and have less impact on the environment.  Take a look at our top 5 list of easy changes that you can incorporate to build a better modular building and improve the modular construction process.   We can also help you “retrofit” and existing modular building to make it more energy efficient moving forward.

  • LED lighting:  There are hundreds of options for LED lighting that are equal in cost to the old T-8 lamps, and replacing ballasts and bulbs are a huge cost savings in maintenance budgets
  • Upgrade insulation design:  Building a better building envelopes allows the utility costs over time to be reduced and lower maintenance budgets
  • Mechanical Units:  There are many great innovations in the HVAC world, and we share options that are not commonly equated with a modular building.  By utilizing a more efficient mechanical system, operations budgets and energy consumption  are drastically reduced
  • Building facing & placement:  When our preconstruction team is involved in the early stages of a project we can help you design a sight that utilizes passive solar energy and other technology to lower energy consumption
  • Recycle content products:  There are so many products on the market now that offer recycle content.   We can design your modular building to include these products for a greener building designed with sustainable technologies

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