design buildHow To Define Preconstruction Services For A Successful Collaborative Project 


Modular Solutions, Ltd is truly .   Developing how to define preconstruction services for a successful collaborative project has been an ever evolving process for our team here at Modular Solutions.   With the use of our proprietary listen-develop-collaborate- process (LDC) our well educated and experienced preconstruction team will help you understand the entire project process prior to starting any of the actual formal construction.   Our team works closely with all parties to establish:

  • Expectations for sustainable & green construction components
  • Expectations for energy efficient & alternative energy solutions
  • Expectations for quality and life cycle requirements
  • Expectations for meeting made in the USA, self performance or other special FAR procurement considerations that may be a part of the process
  •  Specific “brands” or “models” of products you want to include for consistency with your existing location
  • Budgets and overall available funds (need to collaborate where to spend the funds)
  • Schedule:  Help develop an occupancy date based on critical path items and discovery investigations
  • Code Requirements: On any project there may be local, county, state, federal, tribal, life safety, and even international codes or regulations that need to be investigated.  Sometimes those regulations will conflict with each other.  Our team will work closely with the agencies to ensure compliance prior to construction

This is just a small glimpse of how important it is to have the right “TEAM” to build your new facility.   When you hire modular solutions you get the preconstruction, architectural, building fabrication & installation , site work, building warranty & close out & final C of O from one source!

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