Modular Solutions, Ltd is a vendor partner with Purchasing Cooperative of America (PCA).   PCA has awarded Modular Solutions, Ltd a nationwide Job Order Contracting Cooperative Contract.  Our contract number is PCA-OD-325-20.   What does that mean for you?

Any School District, Local city and town, county agency, or tribal agencies can all call Modular Solutions, Ltd for ANY site work needs.

What type of work can we offer?

  • CARES ACT funding renovations
  • replacement/new mechanical replacement with ionizers
  • sidewalks and concrete replacement or repairs
  • grading/drainage/civil/site work adjustments or new site work
  • paving and parking
  • Fire systems, life safety
  • New and replacement roofing systems
  • Door and window replacement
  • wall partitions, and ceiling or sound attenuation projects
  • low voltage and electrical design and installation/replacement
  • alternative power (solar, goethermal, wind, etc)
  • New construction (steel buildings, tilt up, modular, block, brick, mixed material)
  • renovation/remodel existing facilities (aesthetic flooring or paint, floorplan adjustments, any renovation or improvement goals)

With an “IN-HOUSE” experienced preconstruction and architectural team, we are able to help develop solutions for you.


We are looking forward to hearing your space planning goals and developing solutions!   Call us today to see how we can help your organization.

Phone:  (800) 441-8577 x 1 (Sales)      or email us at