The modular building recertification program in Arizona is a great option for modular building owners in need of meeting Arizona codes and statutes for factory built structures.

In the state of AZ, there has been an influx of people looking into utilize used modular buildings for their projects, and with good reason. Factory built buildings are built to the same International Building Code as traditional built structures, but with additional reinforcements to withstand the vigor’s of transporting the modular sections to the site. Factory Built Buildings can also have the same architectural features and specifications as traditional site built structures.  Sometimes those used modular buildings were not a perfect fit, so the property owner would decide to try and remodel the design,  or they discovered that the the used factory built building was not the correct occupancy for the intended use.   What everyone eventually finds out is that the recertification program in Arizona requires a licensed factory-built builder such as Modular Solutions, Ltd, that follows the Arizona Revised State Statues as a partner. If property owners do not investigate the recertification process prior to beginning a modular building remodel they may have found themselves in trouble, with a “RED TAG” on their project and the project can not move forward until you hire an Arizona certified factory-built manufacturer to facilitate the Arizona approval process.  Modular Solutions, ltd has assisted many clients with this process and can help guide you through the requirements of the recertification process.

What is a reconstruct and why does the State have a say? A reconstruct applies to existing modular buildings that are not certified through Arizona’s requirements or if a previously constructed factory-built building needs to change the floor plan or occupancy use. To put it simply reconstructs require a manufacture/architect to certify that the building system components are functional, and the building does not pose a life safety threat to the public and address the new/existing build complying with all the requirements in the Arizona Revised Statutes. The Arizona Department of Housing has jurisdiction over the modular industry per the Arizona Revised Statutes.

The key thing in all construction is safety. The requirements were put in place to protect the public and require licensed professionals to confirm structural, mechanical, plumbing, and electrical meet code requirements. Modular buildings offer key advantages for many projects.  Some of those advantages include reduced construction timeline, quality, and ease of installation in tough location: rough terrain and flood zones for example. The main point is to have an expert like Modular Solutions, Ltd on your side that understands the process and nuances of the modular building industry. The uses of Modular are in essence infinite, and with the right partner you can meet your goals and budget.

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