As students return to class on a full time basis there are several recommendations that CDC has suggested for a safer classroom design

Our design-build team has  a few of the guidelines you can incorporate into your modular classroom to update staff and student safe practices.



  • Add hand washing sinks or disinfecting stations by the main entry door – some of the prefabricated stands come with capacity for wipes, hand sanitizer, mask dispensing, and even soap & water.
  • Space desks and furnishings according to CDC guidelines
  • Have a supply of masks available for students that may not have funds or did not remember to pack their mask from home
  • assign each student their own space (ie desk/chair) so that students are not cross contaminating on a daily basis
  • have maintenance teams disinfect the classrooms spaces (desks, chairs, etc) on a daily basis – don’t leave out papers or projects out
  • have backpack nooks or hooks spaced out on multiple wall locations so all students are not lining up on arrival or departure from the modular classroom building
  • add ionization systems into mechanical systems or in the classrooms when possible
  • prepare lessons on laptops  or whiteboard app, so each child can see a white board and raise questions in a safe team environment

If you are interested in a new modular classroom facility we can work with your district through our cooperative contracts and offer a quick solution already bid & ready to order!

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