Help us celebrate as again this year Modular Solutions has made the list of Phoenix Business Journal top architects.  The role of an architect at a design build firm is to develop innovative and cohesive designs by engaging client collaboration and direction.    By being involved in the early stages of a project our team awakens all the senses, developing the perfect space solution for your new project.  This past year we have successfully completed medical facilities, judicial facilities, educational complexes for pre k-12th grade education, retail and sales offices, community centers, governmental complexes, and religious/non-profit facilities.

This week thousands of architects will gather at the A’22 conference in Chicago.  What a great learning experience to have so many creative minds sharing experiences and new concepts in a hands on learning environment.

As a factory we collaborate with many successful architectural firms, and always look forward to being included when a client needs to learn more about accelerating construction schedules and the excellent advantages of prefabricated construction methods.

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