There is a very extensive proven science behind the understanding of how lighting effects the well being and mental fitness of employees and students.   Our architectural preconstruction team has the expertise to provide a photometric study in your new prefabricated building.    A photometric analysis includes measurements in the visible, ultraviolet, and infrared regions of the spectrum. It generally involves comparison of the intensity of radiation passing through a sample of the material being analyzed with the initial intensity or the intensity of a reference sample.  You should never settle for “typical” lighting.   With a photometric analysis,  it is a study of light itself and how it flows from a fixture into the surrounding environment. Our architectural team will design the proper fixtures and locations to ensure a cohesive and productive workplace.

Other benefits of a photometric analysis include:  

  • meeting local city lighting codes
  • visualization of lighting prior to final material order and construction of facility
  • allowing construction team a clear and precise lighting placement and design in our RCP (reflective ceiling plan)
  • Distribution of equal lighting on site and within your modular or prefabricated building structure
  • protection against possible future legal issues that may arise claiming improper lighting as the cause (ie theft, vandalism, injury, etc)
  • with thousands of lighting choices our professional team will help narrow this down, and select the perfect lighting choices for your new facility

For more information on how our preconstruction team can include a value added photometric analysis to your production and shop prints call us today or schedule an appointment with your representative.

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