A new modular building from Modular Solutions, Ltd is 100% custom.  That means when you are working with your preconstruction and estimating team you are able to look at various choices and options to get the best fit for your space goals.    There are many roof covering options for your new modular building.   Most clients only know of a few, and many clients feel overwhelmed by all the choices available.  The question is what are your goals in selecting a roofing material?

What are your goals?

  • Extended life cycle
  • Energy star reflective qualities
  • Color options
  • Design capabilities
  • Low maintenance
  • Low cost initial investment
  • Brand warranty program & operational upkeep requirements
  • Green or sustainable goals (recycled materials or “green” roof
  • High profile, dimensional options (visually and architecturally interesting)

Take the time to talk with our team about the best fit for your new modular building roof covering & share your ideas and thoughts to find the best fit.

As always, free consultations and information from an informed and educated team.   Call us today (800) 441-8577 x 1 (sales)