Modular Solutions, Ltd like many other general contractors across the USA is faced with constant cost increases in materials.   All materials have seen huge price increases over the past year.    While we track our own data to shield clients from price increases as much as possible, we also watch trends to help clients buy before a supplier increase hits.

If you follow want to learn more about construction and the volatile construction supply/demand cycle, there is a blog available.   RS Means/Gordian tracks all building materials on a regular basis and has a great blog currently available to share information about steel, and also interior finish costing.  According to the blog the price of structural steel has increased 91% since the last quarter of 2020, rising 45% in the past quarter.   The lumber cost increases were introduced in prior RS means dialogs.  As of the end of 2020, we were seeing the highest lumber costs on record. Already at an all-time high, our engineers report prices have only continued to rise — now up an average of 58% nationwide since the beginning of 2021.






we are not sure how long this RS Means blog and site information will be available, but for now the experts in the industry are helping everyone understand the reality of construction cost increases are here to stay for the immediate future.     This report is based on national research.  Unfortunately in our local AZ marketplace due to demand, we have not, and reportedly will not see a decrease or relief  in retail lumber costs until well into 2022.

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