Modular Solutions has been teaching people about the benefits of modular and prefabricated construction since we opened our doors in 1996.  We are long term  members in good standing of the MBI organization, which also helps teach about the benefits of our industry.

NOW, you can get learn more about modular construction vs. traditional built construction and obtain 1.5 CEU credits.  MBI and Clemson University have developed “Introduction to Commercial Modular Construction.” This book discusses the modular building process compared to traditional site-built construction and is designed to help those new to the industry understand terminology and concepts of modular building, including client needs, design, fabrication, transportation, and installation.  Introduction to Modular Construction is also available as a self-paced online course worth 1.5 CEUs upon successful completion.   To purchase a copy of the book  here is the link.

Some of the key reasons clients choose prefabricated construction:

  • faster or accelerated schedule
  • controlled working environment (for weather and  critical path implementation)
  • Less accidents helping lower workers compensation costs
  • Less property theft or property loss because we construct in a controlled environment & material handle all building components
  • with our factory direct team you get the architectural design, the factory fabrication, the site work, and the installation all in one place – one single point of contact
  • Unique design features such as concrete floors, and high ceilings are now an option in our modular solutions manufacturing plant

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