Modular Solutions, Offers Unique Shape Space Solutions

Over the years it was thought that a modular building could ONLY be made in rectangles and squares.   While there is a cost advantage to constructing a building in similar size rectangles that is not the only way to build.   Modular Solutions, Ltd is offers factory direct modular construction, and our team developed a really innovative senior center with a hogan front entry built entirely off-site.

The project was for the Navajo Nation, and the client had selected modular construction due to very expansive soil conditions.   If a traditional structure were built on the site they would have been faced with hundreds of thousands of dollars in over-excavation and soil replacement in a very rural location. The community preferred to have a modular building that was not a traditional “box” or rectangle for their seniors and community elders.  Our senior architect on staff constructed a proprietary pattern and design that created an attractive hogan entry with windows and natural light.  We also included a beautiful pitched roof to help with the rain and snow in the climate. This creative solution has been utilized in various locations to offer an alternative to big-box rectangle modular buildings, and allow the culture and natural design elements of our clients to be reflected in the architectural design elements.

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