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Medical construction has been identified as one of the fastest growing industries on a global basis.  Using prefabrication for permanent medical construction projects is a way of accelerating the schedule and eliminating the inherent risks associated with traditional design-build medical construction projects.   Let us teach you about .    Watch this quick presentation on medical and clinical construction projects:   Critical Care For Your Medical Facility 19.

Modular Solutions has provided temporary and permanent medical facilities.   When you need more medical space you want to choose a team with experience.   Modular Solutions, Ltd offers over 20 years experience in providing high quality, design-build and negotiated  medical projects.   Watch this TIME LAPSE VIDEO of a two story medical facility we constructed for the Veterans Administration.

Our team has constructed Behavioral health clinics, emergency centers, dialysis centers, dental clinics, Urgent Care Centers, MRI/CT imaging suites, medical offices, wellness/fitness centers, occupational therapy centers, medical conference centers, and more.

Our team  at Modular Solutions, are licensed as an architectural firm, general contractor, and modular manufacturer.    One of the key elements to our success is the Modular Solutions preconstruction team.   Our preconstruction team will help visit the site , evaluation solutions and options, build a conceptual budget, and help with the conceptual site and building design concept, and work closely with your facilities department to make sure we help you plan for today and for the future.   By choosing Modular Solutions, a company that logistically understands the modular process from  cradle to grave on a project,  your organization is able to ensure you have constructability and precision included in your medical construction design.    Some hospitals spend 5-15 % more by hiring consultants, general contractors, construction managers, quality control or efficiency teams in order to get a cradle to grave project completed.      That is why so may of the medical centers choose Modular Solutions to meet their needs.    By having all of your experts  on one design-build team you are able to finish the job more quickly, and stay on budget by negotiating through your wants and needs on a project.

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